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Cloud Heberjahiz offers Cloud hosting: efficient, flexible, secure and redundant, our cloud servers have incredible benefits to help you increase the performance of your digital projects at a lower cost. Order

What is Cloud hosting ?
Such as virtual private servers (VPS), Cloud hosting is based on the concept of virtualization, which reduces considerably the cost: The customer does not need a physical server whose price is expensive. He is getting ressources (CPU, memory, disk space) that evolve as needed.

The cloud does not depend on a single machine, but several servers connected through a network. That is why it is called so.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting :
A cloud server has the same features as a physical server: dedicated processor, dedicated RAM, disk, root or administrator access and much more.

Resources Upgrades (CPU, memory) are performed in minutes on demand and with very low minutes downtime (a reboot time).

In the cloud, in case of failure of one of the machines, another takes over immediately. This architecture improves the stability, availability and flexibility of hosting your projects.

Advantages of our Cloud Servers :
Heberjahiz provides cloud computing services suitable for all budgets and all types of needs: e-Commerce websites, corporate websites, reference websites, social Website, showcase, blog, hosted email, backup ...

Our cloud servers are available with 7 operating system of choice (Windows, Ubuntu, CloudLinux ...), A default 100Mbps Uplink, unlimited incoming traffic and IPv6 addresses in addition to IPv4.

You also have the choice between :

A local disk: storage is carried in RAID 10 disk arrays with a faster input/output (I/O). Local disk storage is ideally suited for applications requiring high-speed read/write.

SAN disk: A storage solution that provides automatic system recovery in case of hardware failure of a hypervisor. This option ensures high availability of your data.

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